First day of school today. Full schedule for the first time since high school. Honestly, I’m terrified. I am completely reliant on my medications (and my lovely girlfriend) to get through this.





Not really familiar with that particular aspect. Wiki says its tied with Poseidon but I never really pictured her associating too closely with Him. Logically it would have more to do with Athena, the contriver of ideas and inventor, the workwoman, etc.

Abrahamic centered, yeah, but you can still be pagan and use the system without getting attached to abarahamic spirituality. Like the whole idea with chaos magic. It’s just a matter of being willing to use and study the system.

re: hangups about specifics

Not always. Not all of the specifics are necessary. You don’t need a freaking lionskin, like one grimoire says, or all of the enochian temple equipment. If I followed the GD planetary invocations to the book, it would take over am hour, but you can pick them apart so it only takes 15 minutes. It’s really not as complicated as it seems

Maybe I’m just being an epic bitch. I just don’t understand why some people don’t look below a surface understanding of things.

Broccoli= getting over ones vehement opposition to RHP stuff in order to get real results. [edit] *some LHP people are like children who dont want to eat broccoli. Eating broccoli doesn’t mean you’re complicit in the atrocities committed by broccoli and although your friends might call you a traitor for eating broccoli, once you graduate from elementary school, you’ll find broccoli quite tasty in some recipes

Sorrysorry. I couldn’t comment on the fb post anymore and I thought I took off all the last names. Phone internet sucks!

A conversation between a guy on my friends list and I.
I find it disappointing that the lot of authors in LHP are schmucks with only surface understanding of mythology. Needs moar academia. Ford has always seemed to me to be just another darkside wannabe like 98% of all LHP people who are too uneducated to actually understand the hows and whys of the literary history and mythology they co-opt.
I don’t enjoy most of his practice, but that doesn’t mean it invalidates this list. Plus, I tend to view religious practice as an evolving thing, and think pagans are a bit too tied down by the source material as a whole. We don’t have to worship as the ancients did. They basically just listened and intuited, so I don’t see why we can’t too.
Yeh I understand that, and I understand the need for catharsis. It just bothers me because all of this has already been parroted thousands of times, and people don’t seem to care about the fact that a deeper understanding of the sources gives it a different perspective. Honestly, though, I just get annoyed that people get so caught up in thinking they’re edgy by “rebelling” against whatever status quo they believe is holding society back. Like the whole special snowflake thing.
Well people do get caught up in the terminology and it can detract from their growth. My idea is that a constant rebellion against the self is healthy. The whole “if you don’t stir the pot then a layer of scum will rise to the top” theory. If you aren’t constantly destroying and rebuilding yourself in some way then you can’t really ever grow. The true rebellion should be against spiritual and psychological stagnation.
Golden Dawn does that well enough but since it involves yucky YHVH and looks too indimidating, LHP wont touch it.
You can easily replace the names and it works just the same imo
conclusion: if you want results, kids, you gotta eat the broccoli!


Send me unpopular (or maybe not, in this case) opinions

I can accept otherkin by the original definition, as being a spiritual belief or symbolic metaphor or whatever it was. In all honesty, I view it on the same plane as religion.

However, I don’t buy into the species dysphoria stuff. If you’re experiencing psychosomatic symptoms like that, then you should consult a mental health professional.

93. Was aimlessly led to your blog through a link from another, and found myself intrigued. I have been studying, practicing and "pathworking" on my own for quite some time. Drawn to the idea of joining a "buddy-system", haha, more than once. Looked into many with fervor, including the Golden Dawn. Mostly because of Crowleys' merits and findings. Decided against it bc of his shortcomings, haha. No teacher is perfect though, hm? My question would be on your thoughts of the GD system from inside..

Crowley is based off the Golden Dawn, with his own fascinations put into it. It’s not known whether Mathers actually constructed the rituals himself, or if he really did get them from a woman named “Sprengel” but it is by far the most effective and synchronistic systems of the Western Esoteric Tradition; however, it is so effective that I would caution you to commit yourself only if you are ready to face your demons. Start with the lesser hexagram and pentagram rituals as well as Middle Pillar. Do these five days a week for at least six months before moving on to more complicated stuff.