I feel like Kali has been whitewashed in Western depiction and is actually not a ‘nice’ as everyone makes her out to be…But that is just my opinion.

Also, I find her as an appropriation of a “feminist icon” pretty ridiculous. She’s supposed to…

I’d also like to add that the whitewashing of Kali wasn’t something that started in the West. I think a very strong argument can be made that the domestication of Kali really began with Sri Ramakrishna or maybe even Ramprasad Sen. 

That’s very interesting. I’ll have to look into that. 

Try looking into it as it relates to western imperialism in the Indian subcontinent starting in the mid 19th century



(feel free to help a girl out, but if you’re going to charge these sigils beyond rebagleing them, I ask that you charge them together, as I have done in my ritual.)

The top sigil is for my acceptance letter from UB to come through.
The bottom sigil is for some $$$$$. 



To be honest, it does hamper the efficacy of anti-depressants because alcohol in and of itself is a depressant in its own right. Marijuana, however, doesn’t interact negatively with my medications. If it did I wouldn’t have two great doctors working to get me on the Medicinal Cannabis program here in my state. 

That being said, I don’t smoke a lot. I take one hit, and that’s fine for me. Also, in regard to alcohol (mainly wine) I can’t drink that much of it because I get drunk very quickly. I’m also less apt to want alcohol because my medications are working correctly. At my ‘worst’ I would drink entire large bottles of wine by myself (this was before being put on a mood stabilizer) now, if a friend brings over some wine I can have like a glass and a half and be fine. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT TAKE THIS AS MEDICAL ADVICE BECAUSE I’M NOT A DOCTOR. TALK TO YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. (Sorry for the caps, I am not yelling I am just really emphasizing the importance of this). My doctors know that I drink and smoke because I am very honest with them. They are taking care of me, and I am helping them do that by being honest. There ARE medications that you absolutely under NO circumstances mix with alcohol, Welbutrin is one (which I am not taking) but someone close to me was on it, and drank with it (a lot of whiskey in their defense) and almost died. There are reasons that you shouldn’t drink with certain medications, or even smoke. For example, if I take a Morphine I will NOT take any other ‘downers’ such as Clonazepam (Klonopin), Flexeril, etc. Because Morphine is a strong strong opiate that I only have for the sake of emergency break-through pain.

That being said, if you’re considering using drugs while on any medication, talk it over with your doctor first. As you said, everyone is different, and also, everything in moderation. 

My best,


Before I started my own med regimen, i was self-medicating with a lesser known herb known as Sceletium Tortuosum. It’s main alkaloid is mesembrine, an SSRI. It honestly saved my life. I tried to drink once on it. Once. It gave me such a raging headache. And, oddly enough, even before that, it made alcohol less appealing to me. So. If you’re ever trying Sceletium. Don’t drink.



Anyone know someplace online where I can read/find: "Bodleian Manuscript Aubrey 24 Folio 17r" It’s a Solomonic manuscript and the section I need is the one specifically referring to the magical tools and how to craft them.

I’m not entirely opposed to paying a library for…

I can check my university library database and use my school ID to log onto JSTOR if it’s on there.


im appreciative of posts along the theme of “don’t make shiny/squirrel/etc jokes about ADHD” but i’m also always a little sketchy about them because like

on the one hand, I understand those posts are directed at NTs, and if you’re NT yeah don’t fucking joke about other people’s disabilities don’t fuckin do it

… but at the same time, I joke a lot about my ADHD because it makes me feel better, and those are different things, and people (usually NT people) use those same arguments to tell me I can’t handle my disability in a way that works for me, soooo

I’m a part of a group on facebook with thousands of people with AD(H)D and we all kind of take pride in the joking. 

In said groups we all encourage each other with things like “go team shiny!” and we do blitzes (cleaning sessions of our houses) together for certain amounts of time even though we live all over the world. It’s sort of a thing of solidarity there. 

I guess it’s all intent, though

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Tulpa: Not What You Think


Related to yesterday’s question:

Yes, you can create thoughtforms, make spirits. No, they are not Tulpas.

But MOOOOOM, definitions can change over time and I’m gonna stomp my feet until I’m so vehement about how I’m somehow still correct.

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It’s this kind of naive animosity that warrants the necessary secrecy of the mysteries. The Great Work is not for the uncertain, or the mentally deficient, or the emotionally corrupt. If one has no desire for self mastery then one has no place nor value in the halls of wisdom. It is the nature of the esoteric to be protective of its mysteries. It is not elitism.

The occultist doesn’t see him or herself as better than one who is not illumined. We are simply the custodians of truth. There are those who pervert these truths for reasons of power, and they are psychologically disordered. They are the parasites. The occult simply is as it is, as magick itself has no innate bias.

If one does not understand the Great Work, one has no right to criticize. Their discernment is flawed; their capacity for understanding is deficient.

"Blinds r bad bcuz i can’t understand things" Boo fucking hoo. 

If you want the fruit, you have to climb the tree. 

(aka, if you want the fruit from the tree of knowledge, you have to climb the tree of life the hard way, asshole)(aka, why the hell do you think Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden?)

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"When we are in a state of inauthentic With-ness, our interpersonal relations are reduced to objects, and their only value and meaning are in using them for our own concern and welfare. Once again we are immersed in the mode of want characterized by ‘having’ – other people are simply ‘it’s’ or objects to be used and possessed. In an inauthentic actualization of our With-ness, our Interpersonal mode becomes I-It. 

In reducing the other to an object, a mere ‘it,’ we are failing to see that ‘every man and every woman is a star.’ We deny that they are conscious beings of suffering and joy, confusion and clarity, just like we are; we deny that they, too, have a True Will that has an equal right and duty to be expressed as our own. In this way our mode is ‘having’ in the form of manipulation, just as we would do with lifeless objects. We no longer authentically and genuinely encounter another living being but instead a mere role in our own drama, a piece of our world rather than a star that is sovereign in his or her own universe.”


A depiction of John Dee (1527–1608) and Edward Kelley evoking a spirit.

This is actually not the two of them. I forget who, but it’s not Kelly. Too lazy to look it up right now though.


The Whole Story

The Law of Attraction is just part of a bigger picture

I would disagree with the key words you have in the sephira but the concept is pretty cool.